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Little Brother @ the TLA

Saturday, September 11th I hit the TLA w/ my ace, Chantelle.  Little Brother performed with DICERAW, The Money Making Jam Boyz (Slim, Truck & Dice were present - The Roots Crew represented!), Mars Co-Op, DJ Phsh & DJ Statik were on the wheels, Joe Scudda & Chaundon rocked...it was an EPIC show & great night for hip hop in Philly.
Phonte & DICERAW
I shot the show for two.one.five. magazine, you can check their site out HERE.  Special thanks to Kim, Chris & the guru Tayyib - that man does great things for this City.  #getfamiliar  #support
Phonte, Tayyib, Pooh 

All of the photos are also over on my Flickr.  Check em out, bookmark my page :)
Joe Scudda & Big Dho
I had a blast, it was great seeing the fellas again...the only thing that sucks about being the photographer is you're in NONE of the shots :(  No matter, I will never forget that night.  And S-O LB's manager, Big Dho, love that dude right there!  Follow him on Twitter, hilarity!  
Chantelle & Dunny 

This is LB's last tour, so if you don't catch them this time around, you may never see them perform live.  Sad but true, LB is no more.  #goodtimes

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